European M&A Community Summit

Berlin Wannsee

European M&A Community Summit 2022

A unique experience to advance your skills by leveraging common knowledge created onsite


Impressions of the European M&A Community Summit 2022


Today´s challenges

Global economic and political settings, fragile supply chains and the climate crisis are at the top of mind for executives and create challenges for corporate development and M&A.

Let us jointly work on your individual challenges in discussions and workshops.

Master the challenges

You intend to adapt strategy and portfolios to the new normal and establish proven best practices?

Imagine a workshop


  • where you find a PRODUCTIVE ENVIRONMENT for COLLABORATION WITH THE COMMUNITY, share experiences and best practices.

You have found it.

We don't just want to offer lectures, we want to build swarm intelligence in the M&A area.

Stefan Schneider, M&A REVIEW

Join the workshop

We offer a productive environment that provides ample opportunity to work on answering your questions.

Inspired by renowned experts and peers we will focus on the following workstreams:

  • Next Generation Portfolio Management- Handling crisis and De-Globalization

  • ESG along the M&A process

  • Merger Automation-New ways to automate mergers, acquisitions, divestiture processes

  • Best practice, Cases and Lessons learned - Cases from different industries

  • M&A and Science- Weaving scientific progress into best practices

Join the community

We will build a pan-European community of experts for Corporate Development, M&A, and PE. By invitation only. So, get in touch with your peers to find out who is invited already.
Only people who are already invited can get you invited, too.

The collaboration does not end with the workshop, but continues afterwords in working groups and on the platform of M&A Media Services.


I appreciate the possibilities of this workshop: WORKING TOGETHER on real issues from my daily business

Dr. Karl Michael Popp SAP SE


The workshop "Revisiting M&A Target Screening" is an interactive on-site reflection and analysis. During the workshop we will take a look at the current M&A screening landscape (approaches, methods, applications, tools) and draw conclusions on the digital(al)ization of M&A target screening.

Participants from different backgrounds (corporate and mid-market acquirers, small to large consultancies, and solution providers as well as academia) will address questions such as:

  • What are the biggest challenges in M&A target selection?
  • How can technology facilitate the screening process?
  • What are the limitations of technology?
  • What digital and/or data skills will M&A managers and advisors have in the future?

The aim of this workshop is not only to conduct a status-quo analysis and facilitate knowledge sharing, but also to connect M&A practice with technology to provide an outlook on meaningful digitized M&A solutions.

Statement: Prof. Dr. Florian Bauer on Target Screening


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